Figure C8d.1 Digital inclusion scaling principle

Figure C8d.1 Digital inclusion scaling principle
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Figure C8d.1 Digital inclusion scaling principle

The vision success depends on the quality and operability of the worldwide internet platform (including the availability of the Internet on situ at local levels of peri-urban and rural areas) and the international summits and forums results aiming at the development and safety of this environment.

Internet platforms can start the global mission, support existing initiatives, and initiate further projects necessary for the GDT. It is critical to absorb the V&M in the GDT effort by organizations of any branch and country (locality).

It must demonstrate the interest and readiness to add value to the GDT processes.

The pilot's project growth would make a good contribution. Also, it is realistic to expect growth in science disciplines (e.g., data science, data engineering, algorithmic framework theory-AFT testing, and others), new technologies for the investment projects preparation and implementation, and their supply chains (e.g., Blockchain and Smart Contracts).

Such new impulses will strengthen the global internet services' digital inclusion, and maybe it will positively impact changes in human behavior in the GT environment.

Figure C8d.2 elaborates further views on V&M against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) background.

The dynamic dialectic diagram (DD) on Figure C8d.2 is completed by an idea on a set of data pools (DP) of a cycle of data flow in a funnel of the potential projects of the GDT (more about the set of data in a data pool is in Figure C5f).